SpinneyWeb designs offers a maintenance contract which can cost as little as $120CAD per year, included in this cost is:

  • Telephone support for any problems you have with the running of a website built by SpinneyWeb.
  • Up to 2 new pages of content added.
  • Page contents modified as required - up to 4 pages modified per month.
  • Your hosting fees paid.
  • Your domain name renewed each year.

All requests for assistance logged by telephone or email, between 9am and 6pm Atlantic Time Monday-Friday are responded to within a maximum of 4 hours, immediately if one of us is at a computer. Calls outside this time will be responded to as quickly as possible.

New content will be added, and page modifications will be done within one working day

Sites will be updated to the latest versions of the applications they are written in for free, unless the supplier implements a charge for the later versions.

If a piece of software is discontinued, we will attempt to find a similar application at an economic price.

If there are costs involved in changing to new software these costs will have to be passed to the customer. The customer will be informed of all options before any chargeable work is undertaken.