Technical support services for your web site

We at SpinneyWeb Designs provide technical support to our customers at the following rates.

For the first year after we build a new web site, user support for the web site is free.

Our normal rates then apply as follows. (unless included in an agreed package)

  • Telephone support: $15CAD per incident
  • Extra pages of content added to an exisiting web site: P.O.A.
  • Additional email accounts added $15CAD/year
  • Addition of an on-line shop: $300CAD
  • Online estate agency: $200CAD
  • Content added to on-line shopping accounts: $30CAD per 50 items
  • Properties added to estate agency sites: $30CAD per 10 properties.

All requests for assistance logged by telephone or email, between 9am and 6pm Atlantic Time Monday-Friday are responded to within a maximum of 4 hours, immediately if one of us is at a computer. Calls outside this time will be responded to as quickly as possible.

New content will be added, and web page modifications will be done within one working day.

Data lost through a change made to a database file or a program file can be recovered from our weekly backups. As these backups are performed by the server company every Sunday we cannot recover data lost between the previous Sunday and the problem. There is a charge for recovering data from a backup of $30CAD (we are charged this by the server company)