What We Won't Do

SpinneyWeb is happy to build any type of legal website.

We will not build sites that are against the law in the EU or USA

  • SpinneyWeb designs will not build your website on any "free" web space.
    • "Free" hosts will often (though not always) take over a portion of your site to advertise their own sites and services. This can vary from 1/4 of every page on your site, through to the 1/3 of each page plus taking over the greeting page of your site with a page of their own, with many links to their own content, and just one small inconspicuous link to your content.
  • We do not build sites for people where we take a share of the revenue. This is because we are a Web Site design and build business, not speculators.
  • We cannot guarantee that you will get tens of thousands of visitors every day. Visitors will visit if they hear good things about your site, and if it has content they are interested in.
  • We do not undertake any work which involves children or animals in a sexual or violent context, nor will we promote any form of abuse on grounds of age, race, religion or gender. We will also inform the relevant authorities if we receive any queries about creating such site, or find that any sites we have created have been modified to include such material in the future.
  • We do not build sites selling counterfeit or fake products.
  • We do not build sites providing access to illegal copies or downloads of films or music.
  • We do not build sites which provide hacking materials or information.
  • We do not build sites which sell drugs, tobacco or alcohol.