Keep your machine healthy with AVG anti-virus software

SpinneyWeb reccomends AVG anti-virus and AVG security software to make your web experience a safer one.

We have been using AVG products for over 12 years, and we have never been exposed to any threats.

The importance of good internet security software is often overlooked. People buy a cheap antivirus program and think that they are fully protected. These days there are more threats than just a virus sent in an email:

  • Some are coming from the internet itself, in the form of programs dropped into your computer by malicious code planted in special pages on websites or on pages on popular sites which have been hacked.
  • In the form of "Phishing" attacks where emails are sent to millions of people supposedly from major banks asking them to follow a link and update or check their personal information.
  • Spyware: which is received in emails or shared files from infected computers. These programs collect your personal data and send the information to criminals to steal your identity and money from your bank.
  • Adware: Where your computer is tricked into showing you hundreds of pages of ads.

The latest AVG Internet Security product gives you a great feeling of security with your computer protected from the all the threats above and many more.

AVG is consistently rated as one of the best programs by independent testers, and a free version is available for you to try by clicking this banner.

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